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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 1100 PM  ABC  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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here on eyewitness news, a workplace shooting. what a witness saw happening. tamara:d.: and a man assaulted in a parking garage. what he remembers in the assault. tisha: eyewitness news starts -- tamara: eyewitness news starts right now. announcer: see what is happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news at 11:00 starts right now. tisha: a shooting in kansas. good evening, everyone. i am tisha powell. the local sheriff fighting back tears as he announced a shooting at a local plant. the gunman used an automatic weapon.
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of the man and there was a workplace shooting in kansas. you can watch for more information tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. steve d.: and here in the triangle, a woman shot in her home. she talks about the ordeal from her hospital bed. authorities are searching the neighborhood in the hopes of making an arrest. joel brown spoke with her and brings us the story from the hospital tonight. joel? joel: the shooting forced doctors to take her leg and also the shooting took away her sense of security. durham county sheriff's deputies shooters. 72-year-old dorothy holloway's children and grandchildren came to visit her in the hospital.
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shot -- they don't know that i got shot, all they know is that i am in the hospital. i don't want to tell them more than that. joel: someone heard gunshots outside. when dorothy holloway was taken to duke hospital, doctors amputated her left leg. dorothy: i remember waking up. joel: 13 days after the shooting, durham county sheriff deputies were back in her community, passing out flyers, trying to make sure that the investigation doesn't turn cold. [indiscernible] last year his mother couldn't walk again, and he is at a loss as to what to tell his mom. >> i don't know.
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and learn how to walk again. joel: so miss holloway is also legally blind, so she is going to have a tough road ahead learning to try to walk again for the second time after she is fitted with that prosthetic leg. meanwhile, authorities have three potential suspects here. anything. tamara: a tough road ahead. thank you, joel. and the hd chopper flew over the scene and it appears that that red car collided with that white suv. several other people are injured. steve d.: now to an eyewitness news exclusive.
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tonight, nursing hisandage wrapped around his ear. a man stole his wallet. gildehaus works for a nonprofit in downtown durham that fights social injustice. he told eyewitness news that he plans to get back to work next week to make sure that the community remains safer. tamara: and the apex bank was
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authorities say a man had a bandanna over his face and walked inside to rob the bank no-cost or's were inside -- to rob the bank, and no customers were inside at the time of the robbery. a husband and wife were put behind bars after an apex tank robbery. a judge told him he could [indiscernible] police say he was [indiscernible] in beaver creek commons. anna wagner was arrested last night. steve d.: tonight, a woman is charged with an accident after hitting four people who were on bicycles. 40-year-old -- 50-year-old
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charged with reckless driving. [indiscernible] tamara: a governor mccrory declared a state of emergency after tornadoes hit the area. the biggest damage occurred when an ef2 hit the granville area. no one was hurt. people tonight are counting their blessings. >> we stopped and looked at what could have been. if he had been home, he would not have lived through it. he would never had known that there was a tornado coming. he wouldn't be alive. knowing that, i can't cry over this stuff. there is no point. tamara: rick went out to get dog
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heavy winds pulled down trees and power lines. today, [indiscernible] as neighbors spent the majority of their day cleaning. this was an isolated [indiscernle] and luckily, no one was injured there. and snow and sleet fell in the [indiscernible] area today. schools were closed in the aviary -- in the avery area today. steve d.: one person died from the flu last week here in north carolina. that is the fourth person to die this flu season. this is significantly lower than last year when 18 people had died in south carolina -- in north carolina.
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tamara: [indiscernible] an area of land could become the first public shopping center, but first, [indiscernible] angelica alvarez joins us live with more. angelica? angelica: we are still months from that decision as we hear from residents who were on both sides of the issue. [indiscernible] >> i would say that the involvement here is very active. angelica: [indiscernible] is the vice president of the [indiscernible] company. they want to build a shopping center. a proposed project that has mixed reaction from those living nearby. >> with regard to retail and grocery -- >> it is probably the worst
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angelica: they would be losing what they call a sense of community. >> [indiscernible] and that is a situation that we are facing. angelica: they have four meetings with residents and they are planning a fifth. they are trying to find a plan that they can be happy with. >> there is a far better plan, in my opinion. angelica: still at this time, not everyone is ready to roll out that welcome mat. as the vote stands tonight, the plot of land is now open to commercial use. it is still early in this process and there are more meetings in the months to come. i am in jellico alvarez, abc 11 eyewitness news.
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steve d.: i am a dog was shot and killed after he was shot 18 times. -- and a dog was shot and almost killed after it was shot 18 times. [indiscernible] tamara: a rescue dog will have a big reunion tomorrow in durham. there was a full investigation in durham county last july. more than one dozen dogs were living in unspeakable conditions. the southwest michigan [indiscernible] club nursed the dog back to health. steve d.: a close call on a busy highway. the heart stopping video is coming next. and this was a nightmare flight. the family says they were kicked off the plane.
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and if you have ever seen anything like this, it is pink was on a treadmill going through and wheat lost plan. -- a weight loss plan. and it looks like a good weekend coming up. chris: it is still a little bit on the blustery side.
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the mid-30's, but allannouncer: abc 11 is keeping you connected. find us on facebook, like our page, and stay up-to-date on news updates. steve d.: a huge mess caused by a blizzard dumping more than 15
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many people spending the night in their cars on the side of the roads. many flights in and out of chicago were canceled because of that storm. tamara: and president obama has had meetings of the white house to talk about a potential supreme court nominee. he has been consulting privately with lawmakers. republicans in the senate have refused to confirm a nominee. steve d.: feet against his cabin door and then knocked unconscious. tamara: a family trip turns into a nightmare after a little boy has an allergic reaction. the seven-year-old boy had an
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the man said that they moved to the back of the plane to get away from the animal but were ultimately kicked off the flight and passengers reacted with around of applause. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, it is not my fault because one of them has a dog. [indiscernible] and we were boarded off of the plane. tamara: people were clapping and plane. what passengers didn't know is that the father has terminal cancer and was making a trip to see his family. the family is in contact with the airline saying that they the full ordeal. steve d.: all right, time now for a video on the big board and terrifying traffic cop. you can see that state trooper get nearly sideswiped by that big rig. parts are flying off as the big
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fortunately, no one was injured. look here at that damage to the police cruiser. a five-year-old boy in afghanistan is making international headlines when his older brother posted pictures of him in a jersey made fromm a plastic bag. the barcelona star signed that jersey and sent it to the boy himself. and this is the newest panda at the national zoo in washington. there he is snacking. these biscuits have a vitamins and proteins and of course, they usually dine on bamboo, sweet potatoes, apples, things like that, but when they want a tree, they get a biscuit like that there. and here is something you don't
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that is a penguin on a treadmill . that video is sped up a little bit. this is actually a scientific study. they are trying to measure how fat penguins waddle. they are trying to figure out gait changes with weight changes. but it might be a moot point because if they keep going like that, they are going to be skinny penguins. chris: i agree, something is not right about that. he is a penguin. we've got some new information from the national weather service. they were out doing their survey and three confirmed for nato's yesterday in central north carolina and one in southern virginia. of course, the one that got most of the damage was the one in granville county. that was an ef2. we would like to join you in that area around the airport here and we can see the homes
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s wind -- winds were at 125 miles per hour. it was moving at about 60 miles per hour. it was only on the ground for a few minutes. there was a trade on the ground for one minute and winds were 90 miles per hour. that was five miles northwest of downtown in a forest it area. the other damages that happened in this neighborhood, those were straight-line winds. and another tornado in southwest wayne county. it was on the ground for one mile and one quarter and it did damage to a barn and a couple of other structures, but no other injuries there, either. but that is the good news. there was an ef1 in mecklenburg county. it didn't cause any injuries is there but a little bit of damage.
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it has been a blustery day. not as a strong as they were earlier, but winds up to some areas at 15. 43 in lewisburg, and that tornado went right overhead. that automated sensor there was knocked out, at least temporarily. 43 in chapel hill, 44 in fayetteville. there are a couple of areas where the winds are gusting at 15 to 20 miles per hour. we still could see some gusts of 15 to 20 during the day tomorrow. should clear out. it is a little bit on the cold side. some snow in our mountains. more snow around the great lakes. this storm system is offshore now. we have mostly clear skies, 33
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a cold start to your friday. you will need that heavy jacket heading out to the bus stop. that cold front gets out of here and high-pressure now moves in. tomorrow won't be as windy as today. nice and quiet but the temperatures a little bit below average. a cold night, in the 20's in many spots, and saturday, we have a northwesterly flow of air. it will be on the cool side but nice and bright. we will have a warming trend that really takes over. tomorrow, a good one, just a little cool, all you will need is a jacket. 40 in henderson, 52 in goldsboro. it stays nice through the weekend. your first alert apple -- your first alert doppler seven day shows mid to upper 60's and dry through at least early next week.
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the atmosphere is just spent and it will come down for a while. we will take it. tamara: thank you, chris. the oscars gets political. why the secret service will be
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steve d.: and a vertamara: a woman in peru looks pregnant, but that is a tumor in her belly. this is something she has dealt with for the last eight years. doctors spent three hours successfully removing it. she will be able to the fill her dreams as studying for an accountant position. steve d.: and according to the white house, joe biden and his wife, jill, are going to the oscars in hollywood. they are making a call for sexual assault awareness. lady gaga will perform "so it happens to you" and that was also featured in a cnn documentary "the hunting ground" which focused on sexual assault on college campuses. you can watch the academy awards right here on abc 11. you can also download the app right now and check it out on your mobile device we will have a complete wrapup for you on sunday night on eyewitness news
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tamara: and hanging out at the beach. this picture was snapped this morning. about 14 feet long. it is not out of the ordinary to see these creatures on the beaches, according to experts. it left and returned to roll around some more. he is a smart guy. in action. this should of been there game, shouldn't it have been? mark: it should have been. coming up next and sports, high drama. and duke is back on the job in cameron, and employee never
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news sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers. mark: do cap five good days to get healthy after that tough loss they took in louisville last weekend. there was some intrigue as to whether one of the players would return to the lineup tonight. he would not. roll. let's start out with grayson
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they were off and running. they shared the ball this time with matt young and he was the more raindps from the corner. there were some passes later. duke got 43-30 at the break, and thanks to brian ingram partial the way. more fun debt ahead. and there was a team high of 18 for this player, and how about the big man in the middle? there was some unnecessary ugliness at the end for the second time this year. grayson allen tripped an opponent. you cannot act sportsmanlike after that. >> definitely in the first half, i think we could have executed a little bit better than the
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the first half. i kind of calmed down in the second half. >> i set the whole second half that we were tired and at every timeout, they responded. mark: senior night for the women tonight, they geto against they get a conversion and later on, jennifer goes to drive and she led the pack with 16. this game tied at 49 on the final minute. fsu's player will wind up with the ball. that was the dagger. the carolina women fell to virginia. and eight seconds to go, we are all time.
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the falcons are up three but they are not done. right there in the corner, they drop a three at the buzzer for overtime. we are again tied now in the ot with 10 seconds to go. there is his drive in the he stepped back with a straightaway there. 73-71, and the other action today is [indiscernible] and virginian -- frigid a union was up three at the half. and tonight in toronto, they dominate the conversation right now. here is a power play and they will wind up with brad at the corner. [indiscernible] with a clean face-off win.
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1-1, and that was as good as it got for the hurricanes. then i got to 2-1, and [indiscernible] playoffs, folks, and i would not be surprised at all if eric staal plays one of his very last games in the hurricanes there. steve d.: the future is a little bit uncertain right now.
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that is the news --tt0w!ti"hz! %4@-4=l tt0w!ti"hz! el@->: tt0w!ti"hz! ed@-88d tt0w!ti"hz% )8h-xf8 tt0w!ti"hz% kzh-e)d tt0w!ti"hz% n-h-0@h tt0w!ti"hz% 0ph-.'p tt0w!ti"hz% s"h->u0 tt0w!ti"hz% ueh-=7@ tt0w!ti"hz% 7hh-!54 and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- kelly ripa - from "how to get away with murder," billy brown - mean tweets movie edition -- and music from tinashe and snakehis featuring chance the rapper. with cleto and the cletones -- and now, no kidding, here's


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